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Anton Jankovoy photography

Anton Jankovoy is professional travel-photographer specialized in South and South East Asia, mostly in Himalayan region and Nepal; has an 15-years experience organizing trips and tours; walked around 9000 km in highlands of Himalaya mountains; the author of the project «PHOTO-TRAVEL»;member of Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPF). Among numerous awards and exhibitions, the main are the first place in the IMS Best Mountain Photo of the Year contest and the first official exposition of photographs of a human (stellar landscapes of Anton) together with photographs of the distant space of a Hubble orbital telescope («Open Space»exhibition). Many of Anton’s photos were used by the word’s most famous companies and brands, such as: Apple, National Geographic, Asus, Meizu, Yahoo, Discovery, BBC, Getty Images, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, TravelBook, Bauer Media Group and etc.